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VancouverVancouver 2010 > -1812 days
LondonLondon 2012 > -917 days
SochiSochi 2014 > -357 days
LondonGlasgow 2014 > -191 days

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The word "gymnasium" comes from the Greek root "gymnos" meaning nude. Athletes in the ancient Olympic Games would participate in the nude.
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news imageAugust 30 - Dave Collins (pictured), sacked last year as UK Athletics' performance director after Britain failed to reach its medal target at the Olympics, has applied for a top post at the Scottish Rugby Union.

news imageAugust 30 - As many as 16 hotel projects in New Delhi the Indian Government hoped would provide accommodation for next year's Commonwealth Games are set to miss their target, leaving a shortfall of nearly 3,000 rooms.

news imageAugust 29 - Jack Warner (pictured), one of the most influential members of FIFA's ruling Executive Committee, which will decide whether England hosts the 2018 World Cup or not, has visited Sheffield.

news imageAugust 29 - John Bowden (pictured), formerly one of the country's top middle-distance runners, has been appointed as the performance manager of Paralympics New Zealand, it has been announced.

news imageAugust 29 - Sir Philip Craven (pictured), President of the International Paralympic Committee, told insidethegames that London 2012 will offer a golden chance to get more people with disabilities involved in sport.

news imageAugust 28 - Sir Alex Ferguson (pictured), the manager of Manchester United, will not coach Britian's Olympic team at London 2012 because he is not English, the chairman of the Football Association said today.

Thursday 29 January 2015
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spotlightBritain's athletes may be golden, shame about the finances

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